Southern Rockhopper Penguin

The Southern Rockhopper Penguin is a member of the crested group of penguins.
Common Name: Southern Rockhopper Penguin
Scientific name: Eudyptes chrysocome
Population: 1.2 million breeding pairs
Weight: 2.8 kg – 3.0 kg, 45 cm –58 cm
Lifespan: 11.5 years
Conservation status: Vulnerable
Population Trend: Decreasing

Geographic Breeding Range: Argentina; Australian sub-Antarctic islands; Chile; Falkland Islands; French Southern Territories; Heard Island and McDonald Islands; New Zealand sub-Antarctic islands; South Africa (Marion Island, Prince Edward Islands)

Range map from IUCN Red List

Prey/diet: Fish, crustaceans and cephalopods
Distinguishing physical characteristics: Thin yellow superciliary stripes run backward above each eye and extend from the sides of the head as spiked yellow plumes. The bill is orange-red, feet and legs are pink, the eye is red. Differentiated from Northern Rockhopper Penguins by shorter plumes extending from the sides of the head on the Southern Rockhopper.
Interesting tidbit about Southern Rockhopper Penguins: The first-laid egg (A egg) of these birds is usually smaller and lighter than the second (B egg).